Suggestion: Entire archived conversation thread put back into inbox when new message received

I am a new user and a big fan thus far but wanted to add one suggestion for consideration related to conversation threads.

If a user has conversation threads selected as a General e-mail setting, and a message which has been archived receives a new response, it seems to arrive as a single message in the inbox. Once archived, it joins the larger conversation and one can expand the thread to see the messages within it. However, I think it would be useful if the entire conversation was “dragged” back into the inbox, so that one could easily see that the new message was part of the larger conversation and also how many messages the conversation contained.

Thanks for suggestion and welcome. We are planning to start experimenting with more powerful webmail that will eventually replace the current one (if everything goes well). Hopefully within next few weeks we will open a beta tests so you could check if the feature you are looking for exists.

I would also suggest looking into possibilities that native email clients give you. They are much better integrated into your system and have bigger pool of features. Look into K9 (android), thunderbird (multi platform), evolution, KMail (linux), Geary (linux), or even outlook, apple mail etc.