Support mails ignored

Message translated by DeepL. Sorry for possible misunderstandings.


More than a month ago I wrote to tell you that I wanted to ask for aliases and that I had donated an amount that I hoped to increase in my next annual donation. When I went to ask for the aliases, the form page returned an error and I couldn’t continue. I wrote to you at and but I didn’t get an answer. I wrote to you again a few days later, but you haven’t answered me either. The donation is done, and by mail I sent you the number of the transaction so that you could check it.
Finally, in view of the fact that you do not respond by mail, I would kindly ask you to do so by this means and tell me if there has been any problem with my donation. If the answer can be by private message or e-mail, better.


Sorry if we somehow missed your email. December was quite busy for us and with added holidays and issues we had to resolve it is possible we haven’t address your issue properly (also the amount of support tickets has been quite high the last weeks).

I just checked the ticket queue and I dont see any ticket sent by “boquerones”, and is just an alias which means it works only for the form so if you send email to that address it does not land anywhere. Could be that thats the reason your request hasn’t been answered.

Please send the email again to with the information so that we can pickup and resolve it asap.

Quick correction on my side.
I see the email exchange with @antilopa about form of donation, but there is no details as to what alias you want (probably this was sent to request email which as i explained does not forward to anywhere), and probably this is why no action has been taken.

Get in touch with us, with alias details so we can solve it.

Ahhhh… and thanks for donating to disroot. :slight_smile:

Oh, good. I’m forwarding the emails I wrote to you.
I requested the aliases through your form, but that’s when an error message was returned to me. Should I ask you for them by mail then?

By the way, is there any way to make the renewal of donations automatic when using Faircoin or do I have to do it by hand? I’ve only used FC to make some purchases on Fairmarket and I’m not sure if certain things like periodic donations can be automated.

thanks for donating to disroot

You’re welcome. Projects as interesting and socially healthy as Disroot deserve all the support we can give its users, even if it is modest. :slight_smile:

I would suggest trying to use the form again (just to see if it works this time) and if it fails just drop us a line with the info you put in the form at

Can’t really tell you. You should ask Faircoin community.

I was looking at my folder of sent messages and I see that in the emails in which I have attached an image, I can not see more than this icon.

It’s a problem on my side only or you can’t see the screenshots I’ve sent you to support_at_disroot? In any case it seems a failure of the mail application, right?

You should ask Faircoin community.

In case someone else who reads this is interested, at the moment you can not automate payments with Faircoin, but there are plans to soon be able.
My interest in Disroot was mostly limited to mail, but I suppose this is a good excuse to start using the calendar as well by putting a reminder to renew my donation, hehe.

hah :slight_smile:

BTW if you did resend your request and it hasn’t been precessed yet, I am planning on doing so tonight (work in that field is piling up).

As for your previous question regarding attachement, It looks like the attached file has been deleted, or points to different place and thats why it does not display. I assume you are using webmail and not native email client (like thunderbird, k9, geary, etc).

Yeah, I used the web client. I guess then it’s a failure of the application and not Disroot. I will configure a desktop and mobile client since the web application has this limitation. Before, I used Gmail and the web application works quite well and is very comfortable, so I never used a desktop client, but I am aware that it is the most recommended for the features it offers and privacy, even configure it to use POP3 in accounts or aliases that do not need to be available for other devices. I guess this is another good motivation to put myself to it instead of continuing to postpone it ad infinitum, hehe.
Thanks for the clarification.