Sync EtherCalc Documents with ios [Excel,Word, Powepoint files] (Solved)

Can anyone tell me how I can sync documents created using Ethercalc to my ios device?

There is no syncing because ethercalc documents “live” on the server. So as soon as you know the url you can open them on any device. If you however want to export it, there is a “Save” icon to export to various formats:

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Thanks , is there any spredsheet app that will sync my excel (file exported from ethercalc) to nextcloud with ios?

Not sure I understand your question. You can sync all your files from your computer directly to nextcloud

I want to know that is it possible to sync my spreadsheet from my iphone to my nexcloud automatically.

Never used nextcloud app on ios, but on android you can choose which folder to automatically upload (for example camera)

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I found a solution,
Polaris office on ios supports webDAV(nextcloud), I can keep all my office (excel,word,ppt) documents in a folder and sync it with nextcloud, open the folder in polaris office and then edit them.