Synching ownCloud notes

OK, this might be irrelevant if migration from ownCloud is happening soon, but nonetheless:

I use ownCloud notes on my phone (fairphone, no google account). It has as the server address, but doesn’t seem to synch with anything I can find on ownCloud on my laptop.

Thanks to helpful people here, I have managed to synch Tasks, email through K-9, calendar with Etar, and even my contacts, (not bad for a luddite… :slight_smile:) but not my notes. Any advice? Thanks.

HI Noam.

We are aware Notes on the current setup aren’t working for some time. We, even switched them off.
Currently we have finished server migration, which was our priority task of the last two months. Next on the plate is migration to Nextcloud. However, all bugs such as the one reported by you need to be fixed asap, meaning before we make switch to nextcloud.
Hopefully we’ll have good news for you and everyone else (us including as we also suffer from not having notes), very, very soon.

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Thanks! Loving the new pic, by the way.

Hi good news. We have found the problem and it is solved on our nextcloud test server. Once we are ready to switch to nextcloud (shouldn’t be longer then a week or two), everything should be back to normality with notes.

Awesome. Can’t wait for syncing ma’ notes :slight_smile:.

We’ve upgraded to nextcloud. You should be able to sync your notes with mobile app.

Thanks! I assume that’s just a standard nextCloud app from fdroid? I’ll try that.

Yup. I’m using this one but you can also try MyownNotes

I put the ‘fool’ in ‘foolproof’. The good news is, if you can explain it so I can work it out, then anyone can manage.

I seem to have successfully synced with nextCloud from my lovely little fairphone, with contacts, calendar and files. Brilliant.

I can’t sync my notes, though. I use the Notes app. When I try to sync it I get: Invalid login: server connection is broken. For server address I have (also tried, and got Inavlid login: URL/Server has errors).


Strange. Just checked it here and it works fine on my phone.

Are you sure you didn’t misspelled your password or username?

Which app exactly are you using?

That’s my login screen on Notes App.

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Using the Notes app, looks just like yours. Server address the same.
Not sure what’s happening.

Hmmm… I seem to get this coming up on my phone going in and out each note in Notes:
Synchronization failed: server connection is broken.

Everything here seems to be in order. I just checked with my test account (never used notes on that one) and it works too. I don’t have time to look into logs now. Maybe it’s a stupid question but, is your internet connection on the phone working well? Can you switch to some other network (4G/3G/Wifi) to see if anything changes?

OMG! Something worked, not sure what. I tried switching wifi off and on, went to 2G etc., nothing changed.
Then I tried removing the https:// and just left and suddenly… it works!

P.S. There are no stupid questions when it comes to me and technology.

haha… Weird indeed. Bu tat least it works now.

Looks like a strong password :slight_smile:

That’s notes app looks nice. Is that the normal Owncloud Notes app?

There are many note apps out there (seems like everyone starts from making note app). We found a promising fork of the current notes app we use in disroot. We’ll run quick test this weekend and if its fully compatible (meaning it doesnt break current functionality ) we will probably replace it. Check here:

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That sounds great. Looks really awesome.

Unfortunately both apps aren’t compatible. NextNotes seems to be writing notes into database, while current Notes app just creates simple text file in your “notes” directory. I think having physical file is much better as you have direct access to it and you can do anything you would want with a file (move, copy, share, federate, use different offline editors etc).

So I guess we will just stick to normal Notes app. I will poke the dev of Next Notes to see if he is planning to make his app compatible with current notes (files saved on the disk in Notes directory).