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I think I will stick with the plain text one then.

December 5, 2016 1:33 PM, “muppeth” wrote:
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December 5
Unfortunately both apps aren’t compatible. NextNotes seems to be writing notes into database, while current Notes app just creates simple text file in your “notes” directory. I think having physical file is much better as you have direct access to it and you can do anything you would want with a file (move, copy, share, federate, use different offline editors etc).

So I guess we will just stick to normal Notes app. I will poke the dev of Next Notes to see if he is planning to make his app compatible with current notes (files saved on the disk in Notes directory).

I am using this app for syncing on Android:

But I don’t find a good app for linux to sync that works offline. Any advice?
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There is Bijben Which I was personally using a lot some months ago.
But at some point the development stopped and it wasnt compatible with recent GNOME desktop. However I saw it received an update recently, but I havent test it yet.

If you are using nextcloud client to sync, it also does sync the notes and then you can just use any text editor.

I have installed Bijiben on Linux Mint 18.2 but I don’t find how to sync with disroot notes without nextcloud linux client (that I am not using).

I know that I can access to the synced notes and edit them like txt files, but I am searching for an app kind of tomboy or gnote to keep them organized in one app.

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Depending on your desktop environment (if gnome like so should be applying to cinammon) you should have something called: Online accounts. Thats where you can add nextcloud accounts. This can sync your contacts, calendars, tasks and notes. Plus it can mount (not sync) your files as if it was an external drive.

I was trying that two days ago actually but realized that the mount does not work. I remember it was working with my owncloud files on I’m not sure what would be the terminal command to do the same as the remote folder mount in Nautilus so I don’t have any error message to start troubleshooting. Any ideas? The account is correctly added in Online accounts, calendars work well for instance.

To be honest with you I have similar issue.
My laptop works well (the remote account is mounted), while my desktop stopped working a while ago. I did go as far as removing nautilus configs but that didn’t help. They both use the same distro, same versions, and same nextcloud account.

I’ll try to fix it up on my desktop. Let’s keep eachother updated on the progress and eventual solution.

Sounds good, thanks!

There is no Online Accounts in Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.2
Any idea in order to avoid using OwnCloud sync software?
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Btw. I found out the issue. Looks like I was missing gvfs-goa package. After installing it I get my notes and nautilus mount.

Better late then never.

I presume you mean this app called “Notes”? The link in your post is a search URL and doesn’t work in my browser.

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Yes that app.