Synchronization from PC not works


I think there’s a problem with my account. For a few weeks I noticed that synchronization from my computer with my cloud storage had stopped working. I didn’t give him much importance because the truth is that I don’t use cloud storage much, and when I do, it’s almost always on the mobile, and it does work without problem.
But today I have noticed that there is no work in synchronization of tasks or calendar (I have not tested with contacts, but I guess neither) from the computer to Disroot, and that is already important to me because I use the calendar for example to write down the medical appointments to which I have to take my parents, who are already older.
Could it be due to some software update you have news of? I use the KDE Kontact suite (linux) and I have tried if the new Kalendar program would work, but neither.

Thanks and forgiveness for possible mistakes: this message has been translated into English with Libretranslate, which is still… Well… :sweat_smile:


Looking a little further in the configuration of my calendar program and tasks I found this:

«There’s been a problem with the request. The element has not been modified on the server.
An unexpected error occurred (401) when trying to send more identifier on my account»

I don’t understand what it means, but I guess you guys do, so any help is appreciated.


PD: I am not sure if this forum is the best place to ask for help from this type. Years ago I had another problem and we arranged it by mail, talking directly to the Disroot maintainers, but I know they aren’t exactly leftovers of free time, so I thought maybe in the forum someone who wasn’t necessarily from the staff could help me.
If I’m wrong, please excuse me and let me know.