Synchronization problem with the client.

when I start the linux client, I proceed to enter the login credentials, start everything normal but when it proceeds to start the synchronization, it sends the message that it could not connect to

What version are you using? Seems like there is an issue with version 2.5 of the client.

yes, this is the version I’m using

This might be related to this issue:

We are going to update nextcloud to the latest version possibly tonight, and then work our way though the issue. If you can, please downgrade your client to version 2.3 which apparently works (going to test it myself in about an hour or so).

2.5.0 doesn’t work for me either.
Previous versions (including 2.3) can be downloaded here:

Same problem here.
If you need any information to work on this issue let us know :smiley:

Btw: Is there end-do-end encryption in the new nextcloud versions? Think I heard some rumors that devs are going to implement this in the new version but I am not really up to date with nextcloud development.

Can you guys confirm this is resolved?

It is for me and number of other users that arpoached us about it.

It’s solved for me also.

Yup, is working nice and the new integration with Nautilus/Nemo/Dolphin is really great, it was one of the missing features being able to create a share link without having to open the browser :grinning:

Yep works fine now.