syncthing and ssh

i believe disroot doesn’t offer any of those, right?

if so, i really could use either one (as long as the ssh would come installed with syncthing) for much better file management on android.

since i haven no computer and nextcloud doesn’t offer real sync. plus syncthing is just vastly superior than nextcloud for syncing files. that’s not too replace nextcloud though! everything else there is quite useful!

probably the ssh topic should go to a new thread, though… i find it amazing not finding any threads on those 2 huge topics in this forum! :grin:

I can tell you that ssh will never be a feature.

As for syncthing, there is plenty of servers, specially that you can easily be your own server, so dont see much point in setting up syncthing server tbh.

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thanks for the quick and comprehensive answer! :slightly_smiling_face:

i can see yunohost is one such server. could you point to others, for reference?