The Bookmarklet pops an empty window on Vivaldi

Hi there,

I want to use the Bookmarks app as a substitute to Google online bookmarks,

The Bookmarklet works fine in Firefox, pops a form to fill in, simple an clean,
but on Vivaldi, pops an empty window, no form to fill in.

I allowed popups and java in Vivaldi, still an empty popup, any other Vivaldirians arround?

In the config options, are suggestion for 3rd party browser extensions, I could manage with those, is anyone using them?


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Hello @alejandrofdzgarcia
What is your experience using this app in Vivaldi browser?
I am new Disroot user and is my first time using this Bookmarks feature.
Does it work correctly?
Meanwhile I will use it with caution.

Two years later !!,
Well, I decided for raindrop instead, I usually avoid propietary, but in this case, it works very good, I use it on Firefox, Brave and Vivaldi, no problems in either.


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