The IMAP server stopped responding to me - but is now working again.

I am embarrassed about how many questions I am asking just now, but I am very new here.

The imap server seems to have stopped responding to me in the last few minutes.

I am using offlineimap which is known to have occasional synchronisation problems and can (rarely) deadlock.

I had what I thought were such problems a couple of times, and aborted the connection. This is something that I do routinely with several imap servers with no problems.

But now multiple attempts over the last 15 minutes or so have failed. I can still login via Rainloop. Is it possible that my initial broken attempts to connect to the the IMAP server have triggered some protection mechanism? (But see update below).

It could actually be that known bug somewhere in offlineIMAP I guess.

UPDATE: I have just checked again, and it is now working. So perhaps it was offlineIMAP after all, I decided to post this anyway since I know that others here are using offlineimap in case it is useful.

No problem with asking, quite contrary :stuck_out_tongue: so dont feel bad.
It could very well be your IP has been blocked on IMAP port due to too many failed attempts (its blocking for 15 minutes which seems to match your issue). You can send you public IP number to if you want to double check if this was really the issue.

Ok. That looks very likely. It was exactly that sort of mechanism that I thought might be triggered. Now that I know that it is there and set to 15 minutes, I will know what to do next time.

No need to waste anyone’s time checking IP for now, at least, but thanks for the offer.