The World after C19

Hello, my friends!
How do you think the World will change after Covid19?
I would like to start a discussion about this, talking about social, economics, health and habits aspects.
Should EU dissappear? Are they managing correctly and toghether this crisis?
Crisis will be deep but short in time? Will some families save money this months?
How can we prevent other diseases in the future? Will we have more solidarity with other continents, like Africa, for example?
Will we maintain physical contact with other people when we saludate, for example?

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I personally don’t think I’m going to shake hands with people anymore. I was always sort of uncomfortable with it, but did it anyway because otherwise people would think it’s rude not to. But now hopefully I’ll be able to get away with refusing.

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I’d be sad to see the handshake go, since it is thousands of years old, but you could always say, “Live long and prosper.” :vulcan_salute:

I hope someone figures out how to stop new diseases faster than we can now. They’re bound to keep popping up. As people come into contact with new, unfamiliar populations of wild animals, whether through building houses in what was virgin wilderness or some other reason, they’ll come into contact with the animals’ new, unfamiliar germs. Occasionally, one will mutate and discover our bodies are a good place to live. Or good to eat. :fearful:

I think that it would be better to save handshake tradition only for guys, whom you know very good, rather than strangers. Safer not only for you, but strangers too :wink:

I think the online business will be more success. Online education will be more success. Everything will be available online.

I agree with jingxing, I think we’ll see much more success in online businesses.

I probably won’t be shaking hands either though.

The US has been trying to make the EU disappear (if not in name at least in spirit) for a long time…

what is the evidence for this? Rhetoric?

The US needs EU and the EU needs US. The problem is that the US spends way too much money/resources in protecting the EU (EU based capital interests) worldwide without the EU spending for its own protection. Particularly Germany has become way too wealthy for spending bread crumbs to protect its economic interests (interests of capital that is mostly based in Germany that is).

Part of the pressure that the US exerts on NATO countries is to pay from their state budget to protect interests, but they don’t, or they do unevenly. Who guards oil and commodities going from the gulf or through the Indian ocean into the Med and to Europe? The US. Who protects German industrial output from China being distributed around the world?

The truth is there is no way to separate US/English/French/German capital within international financial/banking systems, but the location of major stock holders to this industry is of essence. Why not make the German taxpayers pay to protect their country-mates wealth and profits?

Portugal has the largest or second largest fishing industry/fleet in the world. Who protects them? Defense expenditure per capita in Portugal and Ireland are 1/20th of what Greece is forced to pay (being together with Turkey the two meanest guard-dogs for NATO) and they are 1/3 of what the suggested (by the US) minimal contribution to defense and NATO is. What is Germany’s? Less than half of the NATO average.

This is the issue the US (administrations) have with EU, and Germany’s (administrations) with NATO costs. Both have a hard time politically justifying taxation to protect global industrial/banking capital. The US wants to cut down, the Germans resist the political cost of raising taxes or redistributing funds from social welfare and infrastructure into defense. The US pokes aggression at diplomatic level in the general vicinity so defense spending can be justified. Germany either thinks it is too smart or pretends to be dumb on the issue.

This is how US/EU friction can be summarized. Meanwhile France’s defense-industrial complex is healthy selling everywhere it can sell protection to. From the Pacific to Africa, France is a major colonial power, while Germany trusts its industrial power to strangers.

The UK left the EU because when things will get to confrontational level with Germany, the UK’s position will clearly be “again” with the US against Germany.

Unfortunately we make less and less working, living expenses are rising, inflation is rising, and every crisis those thugs can create they utilize against us. Capitalists are not only experiencing economic crises, they have learned how to benefit both economically and politically from every form of a crisis, including a pandemic (by taking rights away).

What we temporarily loose can only be regained by long term struggle, battles, organization, pain, incarceration, deaths, torture, blackmail. Our lack of organization is allowing them to take and take, without a whisper of resistance.

Trillions of dollars and EU were cut and spent by US/EU against every other value and currency in the world, we didn’t see a spec of a penny out of this. Where did it go? Whose pockets? Meanwhile the rest of the world’s currencies are either too weak or too reluctant from devaluating $/EU because the bonds they hold and the exports they do are all in this fake devalued currency. So nobody dared devalue/sell the $/EU. Why? It is the currency everyone is using to import oil and raw commodities including food. Why would they devaluate the currency they hold so they can receive supplies?

It is global armed robbery by the US and EU, and the more currency produced, the more wealth artificially created, it is wealth those countries are borrowing from the earth’s population and ecosystem’s future. More money, more mining, more fossil-fuel, more industrial output, more ecosystem disruption.

The bubble will burst when everyone realizes that this future doesn’t exist, the ecosystem collapsed, and all species are dying at an irreversible rate. A man-made mass extinction event.

We are a pest to the planet and have reached our natural suicidal state.

Game over!