Things to look forward to

Recently NC has introduced its end-to-end ecnryption solution as beta, and planned for the next release. That tough will cost users the loss of many features including calendar and contact syncing. But on the other hand there have been interesting tools such as EteSync showing up which promise providing E2E encryption for such data and also having DAV proxy.
Things are still rough but there seems to be some nice developement towards a real yet usable privacy for different kinds of data sharing. Maybe in not a so distant feature we can have such tools deployed here too to achieve something much closer to real privacy.

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Indeed end to end encryption on nextcloud sounds promising. Just to clarify, it will be per directory basis, so you can decide which directories you want to have encrypted. In that way you dont loose all the features (calendars and contacts) plus you can still share remaining not e2e encrypted files with others. It’s a good compromise at this moment and something we’re looking forward to, as current encryption used on our nextcloud instance is of course not ideal since the encryption keys are stored on the server.