This forum doesn't seem very active...

With how much Disroot is doing, you’d think it would have caused much more impact by now - especially in this anti-privacy world. Think it’s worth trying to bring some more like-minded people here?

By the way, I was wondering if there are some hidden sections of the forum (that I maybe can’t see because of my rank?).

There is some private gorups using this instance for their forum/mailing list but thats unrelated to disroot as its used by various collectives, projects and groups.

The forum is not much used apart from support section because seems like this form is not that much interesting these days. Contrary our main Xmpp/IRC/Matrix chatroom consists of about 600 users (all the rooms are now bridged together in one). Additionally we have hubzilla, diaspora, mastodon where most of the communities are now using.