This is very confusing0 is forum free?

I signed up and bought you could create mailing lists, forums, private or public. And here I am creating a forum I guess. But then I see pricing and a separate page called DISCOURSE. Are they done and the same?


Not sure how you got to the Discourse page. Discourse is an open source software we use to serve the forum instance. Although discourse developers run their own forum platform (on as a paid service, we run ours free of charge (of course it depends on the scale and requirements of the requested forum/group).

In order to get started, you should send email to with short explanation on what type of group are you, what is the intention of that forum/mailinglist, how many users (approx), whether its meant to be public or private etc. We will then contact you for further details, questions, information etc. Creation and management of such groups is not automatic and needs to be done and approved by disroot admins.
In the future we are planning on deploying loomio ( which will allow people to create their own discussion groups.

Thank you Muppeth. I appreciate the help.

I am glad you set me straight. It seems I was taken to the DISCOURSE page by the help file:

I was here:

Logged in got taken to

“For a few quick tips on getting started as a new user, check out this blog post”

which took me to

  1. I clicked in the left hand corner and got to here:

So it seems the Welcome to Diskroot link took me to discourse and totally confused me.

Maybe that needs to be clarified in case others also get confused.

Will look it over and put in a request. Can we request more than one (one for me and one or two for a Gender group looking to replace mailman?

paul arenson

Thanks for the explanation. We’ll adjust things to make sure there is no missinformation and confusion.

As for the request. No problem with more then one group. Just drop us a line.

Great. Have done that. One for myself (, a mailing list current with 750 plus members. One or two for an academic group with about 70 members for which I am the webmaster. Now on Mailman, but looking to have a forum style mailing list with a place for files. And I see you have responded by email!!! Thanks again.