Transitioning to Disroot from Tutanota

Hey, I’m looking at transitioning away from Tutanota and thought that Disroot looked like a good alternative. Figured I could donate to Disroot the money that I’d otherwise be paying Tutanota.

Has anyone else made a similar transition and how did you do it? Tutanota seems to try very hard to lock their users into their service and prevent them from transitioning. (No IMAP/SMTP/POP3, no automatic forwarding, etc. Things I should’ve considered before jumping into their service.)

Also, seeing as Disroot is a non-profit, is there any concern about longevity? Is there a chance that Disroot might just disappear one day for lack of funds for example?

Thanks everybody for what looks like an awesome collection of services

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I’m currently also using Tutanota for my Mail.
I am also interested in this topic.

Hi @rail5 and welcome to disroot.

Well noone can quarantee that. Even multibillion corporation can disapear from one day to another or have a service shutdown wihtout prior notice. Anyone who is giving such warranty is simply not thinking it through or straight up lying. However, I can tell you that Disroot is our main service provider as admins and founders of the project and it has been a result of our personal need for such platform to begin with. So in a way we are as much dependant on it as you are. Of course funding plays a big role and as the service and our own ambicious grow so does the time we spent on maintaining disroot. I personally spent normally about as much time as on our dayjob for past 5 years or so so you can imagine the project is very important to us and we spent ton of time on it. We hope that one day we could put food on the table just by our work on disroot and generally FLOSS (Free and open source software) as maintaining essentially two fulltime jobs (out of which one is disroot) in long run isn’t that healthy. Achieving that while maintaining “anti-business” model such as ours (pay as you wish) isn’t easy nor fast, but as you can see on our financial page which we try to keep as transparent as possible, we are getting there slowly and perhaps one day the dream will come true.

All that said, in case things do go bad we will close registrations for new users and try our best to maintain the platform for existing ones.


Just curious: Are you guys using RainLoop under AGPLv3, or it’s Standard edition
(RainLoop Software License) as “Disroot Mail” might be “Custom Branding
options”? If so, switching to a real FLOSS web mailer may be a good option, both spiritually and financially…

Disroot said that they would migrate to Roundcube. I’m wondering if that is still happening?

I’m not a fan of the Rainloop webmail. It’s slow and bare bones.

We are on the way to do the switch. The thing that stops us from just doing it “tomorrow” is that we need to migrate user’s data with it to have easy transition which is something we are working on now. We’ve been planning to switch already last year but ton of things have happen along the way preventing us from focusing on it. You can follow the process here:

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Good to hear, thanks for the update!

I hope things will go well and Disroot will become one of the mail providers that I’d definitely love to support :slight_smile: Thanks, and good luck!