Unable to login to my account

I Recently changed my password for my account but when I tried to relogin it showed wrong password. Now I have wriiten down the new password before changing it so it should be the same but it shows wrong password. That either means there is problem on the server side or I typed one or two letter different while typing the new password.

To change password i need access to my disroot email for the code but how can I enter my email account without knowing the password?

Is it possible for me to regain my password or change it? I have the old password and the answers to the questions but I forgot about the starting letter case. I also have the email with which I registered the account.

Is it even possible? Please help me out

P.S. The username is rockboy

If you setup security questions you can use those to reset password

Yes currently in two cases:

If you have answers to the questions you should be good to go. Of course its case sensitive but at least you have something. Old passwords are useless as they are not saved anywhere

As we state, this email is removed the moment your account is approved/denied. We do not want to keep data that is not strictly needed for providing you the service

As cruel as it may sound, you are responsible for your account. The fact you can reset password with security questions or by changing the notification email is makeing it easier, but tbh we don’t like it. Since you are the owner of the account you should make it your responsibility to keep the copy of the password safe. We have no way to verify that you are the true owner of the account so on our part we cannot do anything to help other then what is provided for you. In the future good idea is to use password managers like KeePassX, Pass, QTPass or Bitwarden. Those are life savers in this kind of situations

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Ok Thanks . I will try the security questions then. Dont have any other choice I guess.