Unexpected sharing behavior - NextCloud calc file

I’m experimenting with my first Nextcloud and Ethercalc file and didn’t expect that others would be able to see and edit files that are not shared.

I created this file: https://calc.disroot.org/=eUOn0sXXKViJxSNQ

Problem #1: In the NextCloud view (https://cloud.disroot.org/apps/files/), I clicked on the file’s sharing settings, and in the right side bar, clicked on “Share Link”. That is how I ended up with the webdav, above. I did not click on “Allow editing”. However, I went to other browsers (where I was not logged into disroot), and loaded the URL, and I can edit the file . I would have expected read-only abilities here. Why can these other contributors (me in other browsers) edit the file?

Problem #2: I then went back to the sharing settings and unset “Share Link”. I then went back to my other browsers and reloaded the URL, and I can still see and edit the file. I would have expected no ability to see the file now that it was shared. I waited 20 minutes and tried again just to give the change time to push out. Why can others (me in other browsers) still see the file even though sharing has been turned off?

Thanks for any insight you can offer.

Etherpad https://pad.disroot.org and Ethercalc https://calc.disroot.org are separate from nextcloud services. You can access them via the urls above. Anyone who knows the url to your pad is able to edit it. This is how it works. It does not require an account. Nextcloud integration helps you store links to those pads in order, however the .calc or .pad files on nextcloud (if you open it in simple text editor) is just a link to the exact pad. This is why you experience what you described.
It works as expected.
However, as you see the url to the pads is comprised or random characters, which makes “guess” the url very hard to not say impossible.

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Thanks for the quick response, @muppeth . So, would it be correct to say that the only files in the NextCloud folders that abide by the NextCloud sharing settings are txt files?

No. All files except for .pad and .calc files.

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