Ungoogled chromium, or firefox?

Not necessarily looking for perfection, just the lesser of two evils.

I’m wondering, which one is easiest to harden, and if ungoogled chromium is really ungoogled.

I went with Vivaldi browser, it is much more fuctional than any of the other chrome-based browsers, if you are not into the political ‘google is evil yada-yada’, then I recommend it, still blink engine, but at least they put some effort into it.

As for the ungoogleling, it is ungoogled enough that there is no google translate baked in it, sure there is google and bing search engines out of the box, but you can remove them with 2 clicks. I mean, Firefox puts google as default engine, so, whatever.

They have their on sync system, email with some PGP, nothing fancy, it works, you can install chrome extensions if you need them.

I’m not a fanboy nor promoting, just giving my reasons of why I use it as default.


I recommend Firefox with the uBlock Origin, Temporary Containers and the NoScript
plugins. Privacytools.io have some interesting info on improving Firefox privacy https://www.privacytools.io/browsers/#about_config. I would not recommend Vivaldi because it is proprietary software and thus in my personal opinion not trustworthy.

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I’d agree with @Red, I would like to minimise proprietary software on my system if I can.

any thoughts about the “brave” browser? i’ve been quite happy using it. switched from firefox after i found out that with my usual ~20 open tabs it drains a lot of resources. brave seems pretty good so far.

Welcome Random,

I did like Brave, if you are into that rewards system they have, it is nice, I just liked Vivaldi better, ha, but it is basically the same as any other chrome-based browser, you do not really need more than one, so I just picked my favorite.

I still use chromium synced to a google account, my android phone is to be blamed for that, so I just use the browser to manage my contacts and stuff like that. As soon as I get an Ubuntu / Sailfish / ‘e’; bye bye chromium.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have Firefox installed, it is just not my favorite anymore.


i’ve been using a modif version of ffx with all sync parameters off, trying to find the ung00gld & unmoz way

i just read somewhere that tor is starting to use firefox engine…

but i still prefer brave for now.

it’s also “the easiest to harden” since it requires no configuration to be “hard enough”. but it all depends on what you mean by “hard”.

to me it’s not at all about privacy. i just don’t want to give any kind of value to any group that is not really trying to be sustainable and transparent, so i delete google. the privacy bubble is just a minor symptom.

and brave, imho, seem to be right now the one with better sustainability plans, both for itself and for its whole production chain.

i also don’t have a desktop, nor do i want one, so i only care about android browsers.

funny enough, most of all those options are not on f droid or even as standalone…


  • removing ads and trackers make the web sensibly faster. this is a huge deal.

  • it also gives another much better direct incentive for websites to use instead of ads, which is another huge deal, if it ever catches on.

  • and it offers enough ways to backup most of my data, such as passwords and bookmarks. i think most browsers do, but certainly not all of them. firefox didn’t have any way to sync tabs last time i checked, for instance. (sadly, nobody is doing tabs and history the way it should be done, together and backed up automatically).

just my couple of cents.

Try LibreWolf. It’s a prehardened Firefox with all of the “phone home to Mozilla” features disabled. Windows support is still experimental but it works perfectly in Linux.

Lmao don’t feed but Why you don’t use w3m in terminal like one xterm. You can have some results on Duckduckgo ! If you hate google.