Ungoogled chromium, or firefox?

Okay, Vivaldi browser are good. No questions. But he based on Chromium… and this mean “bye, security”. So i use LibreWolf or WaterFox with Canvas Defender, NoScript and UBlock-origin. As a matter of fact only browsers as Netsurf are good, but internet overfill with a bad sites that don’t work in Netsurf. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, Lineage os, Graphene, /e/, etc; these are all based off android, with a better privacy - security than android,

Just because a browser is based off chromiun, does not mean it is unsafe, on the contrary, we look for brave, vivaldi, etc, ninus edge, opera, for that extra little hardening.

Mozilla just made a deal with no other than facebook, so, what gives?,
we are living in a permanent gray area now, we can no longer go about our lives (online lives) following the old assuptions and suppositions, we have to be a bit smarter when we make our choices now, and boy, it is not easy.

I am not to judge anyone’s choice, just remember, 'the devil is in the detail '.


The main problem with chromium though is Google enforcing the web standards as they want. There is a recent video I recommend but it is on youtube so I won’t link it, I could DM if you want to see it. But there are many problem with a company like google deciding the future of the web.

Guys! For privacy, try the WaterFox browser. And for smartphones, the Fennec browser. I use them myself and I’m happy with them. Both browsers are forks of FireFox and therefore support addons and sync.

There’s also Librewolf a fork of firefox with uBlock built-in.

For desktop, Firefox for sure.
For Android, due to performance issues (my devices are not much powerful :grin:) I still prefer an ungoogled chromium builds with AdGuard encrypted DNS.

I think better than use librewolf in distribution Gnu/Linux
And in android : Mull

I have Librewolf as main for regular browsing, and secondary when I I can’t do something, I use Edge because I am on Windows and its optimised. But hoping in future I move to linux and ditch it for another chromium based one as a secondary browser. For android, Mull (ff) and Bromite (chr)

Firefox is the best browser for me