Using more cloud services from Disroot!

I am very pleased that I have, successfully, connected the native calendar application on Linux Mint with the Disroot cloud. Although I was able to connect my (rhymes with)“Droogle” calendar, I was not able to connect someone else’s calendar that was shared with me. I don’t see it, but “whatever.”

I also found a GNOME contacts application and connected my contacts list on Disroot. It works so well! Even the performance is faster on my end. Huzzah!

Depending what you use to sync calendars. With some software you need to add calendars one by one, by copying the calendar address url.

However if you use Gnome you can connect Files, Calendars, Notes, Tasks in one go using Online accounts. Here is a small writeup on it:

How does it works on KDE i am a fan of openSUSE and KDE. Didn’t try it yet on that platform but will try it out later. Maybe there are members with expertise pn this.

@Fede uses KDE (there is also howto on KDE integration).

KDE Integration with Disroot services used to work pretty well and quite easy to set it up. Though I’ve changed a lot of things (from email client to IM client) and I’m not using it anymore.