Using the different services

Hi, I just discovered disroot and it looks great - thanks for your efforts.

Though I’m confused about the different services, e.g. email, forum, cryptopad, nextcloud etc.

Is there a single sign up, which enables access to all these services?

And in terms of cost, how is that calculated for say, using the forum (any limits?)
I’m aware extra storage for email is possible, but not clear how that relates to other services.


I think our website has all info needed but will nonetheless answer some of the questions here:

Everything except for cryptpad and git uses the same credentials. There are services that do not require account (eg. privatebin, lufi, framadate).

In terms of costs. We provide extra storage for nextcloud and email and for people that decided to donate monthly or annually custom domain lining and email aliaseas. For the rest, everything is free and rather off the limits (there is a rate limit on email but thats to keep spammers away). We treat our users as mature and serious people that understand that the server rescourses are limited, and value our work so that they donate in order to help with costs (for example we use our own hardware, we do not use amazon or any other cloud or vpses), and help us reach the goal where we could turn disroot into our main occupation, while remaining non-profit, and user first driven. On our donation page you can read more in details about the costs (we try to be as transparent about them as we can). And our about page and mission statement provide insight to the values, reasons and ideas behind running the project.