Can you share more about Voidlinux? Have you used it for very long?

It looks to me like it is very new (as Linux distros go). It’s refreshing to see a new flavour of Linux that isn’t based on Ubuntu. Does it make use of any specific package handler (like Apt or Pacman)?

If I were give Voidlinux a try, how difficult would it be for me to add the Trinity desktop environment to it?


Just read a pretty good review on Void over at DistroWatch… I’m very tempted to give it a try. If I could install TDE on it, then I would probably not be able to resist trying it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I am using it for three years without any major issues

Void is independent linux distribution which use own package manager called xbps.
Working on aarch64, armv6, armv7, i686 and x86_64.

Trinity desktop isn’t in repos, but of course you can try install it from source, maybe with void’s tool for that xbps-src. I never tried on Void or any other distro…

Void is very lightweight and fast. Use runit as init system insted of systemD and you can choose glibc or musl libraries…

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Yes, the distro I currently use, Devuan, doesn’t use systemD but rather sysvinit. Actually, I’m using Exe GNU/Linux, which is Devuan with the Trinity desktop environment. Works much better on my Aspire One netbook, I think, without systemD.

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Never heard about Exe linux or Trinity desktop environment.
Exe and TDE
I will take a look…

I’ve been researching Void a little bit. It reminds me very much of the early days of ArchLinux. I want to give it a try and see how well it runs on my netbooks. I’m going to bet that it will be very responsive.

I am using it on multiple computers and also on old Thinkpad T420…
Even my mom`s old computer working well, she never has any complains. (Her first linux)
I will install also on Raspberry Pi 4b 8GB next week…


I have a strong interest in Void Linux.
However, I installed it to try it out, but stopped using it. The reason is the extreme lack of documentation.
It will be a good distribution if that is improved.

They used to have a wiki nearly as good as arch, but moved to a different documentation system. Still I am puzzled by your comment on documentation, I find it as hard to beat.

Void is by no mean new, and by no means a small project, it is huge!
By comparison, arch-manjaro work in 1 architecture officially, and one C library, glibc. Void uses musl C library in parallel to glibc, and works on about 7-8 architectures, including still the nearly forgotten 32bit x86.

Many people know of Void as being the most complete distro without systemd. Maybe with Alpine coming 2nd. Devuan, Mx, Antix, Artix, Obarun, are not really complete distros, they are based on debian/arch and substitute packages without systemd. Void is on its own, and so is Alpine and a few others (kiss, carbs, chimera, adelie, tinycore) but don’t provide the variety of software that Void does.

The historical surprise to many is that Void was one of the very first distros to use systemd. it totally abandoned it around the time others adopted it. Many many years later it turns around and uses elogind which is the significant mechanism behind systemd that affects most desktop applications. Void is not described or promises anything in reference to init/service management. The dev team just decides what they like and implement it with minimal notice.

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void begginner friendly overlay

first release:

testing version Alpha 0.1

Expect lot of bugs, non finished features and a lot incoming changes…

Not for production environment yet try in Vm instead!



I wanna try void I probably will here soon Ive been using freebsd for awhile now I started learning Freebsd about 2 years ago and just loved it but ive heard very good things about void.

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