Wallabag Instance?

Firstly, thank you so much for Disroot - it has been a few days that I have been browsing it, and it looks like a fascinating project. Whoever is in charge, a sincere thanks from my side.

That being said, have you guys thought about hosting an instance for wallabag?

There is Framabag, sure, but I read that it’s closing in a couple of months. I couldn’t find any other free hosting service for wallabag.

Yes, it is something we wanted to look into but at this moment we have list of priorities filled up 'till the celing so we need to fix those first. Also we need to first check what impact would it have on resources. Recently we had to disable nextlcoud’s rss feed feature because due to people’s abuse resources needed for it were too big, while about 1-2% of all feeds were even read. So yeah definatelly something to look into but first we need to go through the current backlog and check how litter prone wallabag is.