We'd like make interview people from Disroot

Ferst, sorry about my english.

We are elbinario. net a collective group dedicated to technologies and free knowledge, focusing on a blog where we publish about free software, free knowledge and related topics, we support some services for public use such as: Mumble, mailing lists, pad, online radio, git, xmpp, voip and some experiments.

We would like to make a mumble interview with people from Disroot to tell us about their experience.

It would be published in a podcast form on the blog.
It would be radiobinaio stremm and an xmpp chat would be enabled so that those who don’t use mumble can ask questions.

We would have English-Spanish, Spanish-English translation, unfortunately we do not have people capable of translating Dutch

We will be more then happy to bore you out :slight_smile:
I’ve spoken with a person on matrix the other day asking if we want to give short interview, so I assume it’s the same. Please contact us on our email info_at_disroot.org do discuss the details and all.