What about learning real languages? I developed an app for listening and talking practice, for any dialect/language.

What if you could parrot that new language, before you get down to understanding or studying any of it. What if you took the time actually listen? How do you practice listening?


Diagram of human brain showing surface gyri and the primary auditory cortex. These are the areas in your brain that hear & talk.
But you don’t need to study brain scans to see this.

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

See? You can read English, making sense of it is a another thing. That voice in your head, a little :parrot: that just read the nonsense sentence above, that’s what you need to train to accept a new language. Non-sense that somehow passed as valid speech. So it makes sense to train that skill separately from grammar and comprehension.

Method: Ok, so now you’re a fluent :parrot: … now what? Bring your own material, app helps you take notes, check with or without a community, and test your recall later.

Source code >> https://github.com/naim5am/localese

This is an attempt to make the above image and How many languages are endangered? irrelevant. A tool to give equal access to anyone to learn / teach a particular language/dialect.

that part is not ready yet and I have no clue where to even start … But I’m torn into every direction. I need help making this real, cause right now it’s just a figment of my imagination.


If you think this work is valuable please star the repository on Github I’m trying to setup a donate button on opencollective.


Kind of like quizlet (scroll down, click the speaker button to hear the pronunciations). Except more structured probably.