What is your opinion of Duck Duck Go's Browser?

I would love to see it for the PC platform.

isn’t that just chromium which means essentially, chrome and google? almost all web browsers these days run on chromium which means they are all the same apart from some small feature set. This means we are entering the InternetExplorer 2.0 era where single company can enforce new 'standards which we already see. Some websites do not render properly on anything other then chrome based browsers.


I use the ancient Windows 7. And a slow machine.
Duck Search works pretty well. Several months ago when I encountered Disroot I switched to Searx. Without wanting to offend sensibilities, I’ve switched back to Duck.
When I returned, they seemed to have broadened their search base.
when I used Searx, I often found results limited, and/or somewhat irrelevant.
I’m not a developer. I’m testing the waters. I find it necessary to believe what they say about privacy.

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Where did you read that? I didn’t find this mentioned anywhere on the web. I guess it was written from scratch.

I am too in tryouts with Searx. Thinking it’s using multiple engines to search,i believed that the would be much more results but I’m not too satisfied. I’ll probably go back to using DDG.

It was my assumption hence the question nature of my statement, i would assume it is since writting your own engine from scratch is quite something and would mean yet another player.

As I checked in source code it uses the chromium webview already installed on your device. Also there are some issues referencing it (for example webrtc ip leak issue).

DDG Browser uses WebView or Chrome View (on Android 7-9, proprietary firmware) to display web pages.
Here about it :
WebView – Stoutner

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Android WebView: Secure Coding Practices - DZone Security

I use mostly duckduckgo but more and more gigablast.com Gigablast is an open source search engine with very good results. I like also the searching in categories there.
In my opinion it is not enough to use the go… results with no tracking, we need to break the power the of the Go… algorithm.

Duckduckgo uses Amazon.com servers for hosting.

Believing that all corporates like Apple Google Mozilla put ddg search engine as choice in web browser setting, that is supposed to be privacy oriented is just to good to be true and not happening in this world.
This is enough reason to believe that DDG uses Amazon.com servers for hosting. No way that some random company that claims they don’t track you is included in apple phones, web browsers by mozilla r google.

And search results re very similar to googles… Ads first.
But it can do with java script disabled then its not so bad

Search Engines suck anyway. Life is better and easier without that kind of obtaining info. Its better to try memorize some websites, visit them on regular period. Thats my aim… Id love to be search engine free guy but its hard…
But i been youtube free for 3 years, so it is possible :slight_smile:

Chromium is a webbrowser API, developed by Google, tot make integration of Google on the Android platform easier. Although Chromium isn’t actually true open source software, the API is actually bases on other open source browsers. In essens Chromium is a hodgepot of the best characteristics of several other browsers. The Chrome browser is is the Chromium API combines with Google propriatary code, which is ‘free’ of charge tot use (although you pay with all tour personalia data). Best choice for privacy remains Mozilla Firefox (which forms the actual platform on which the ddg browser is build.).

It’s better than Google.

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how its can be better? if its controlled by m0s$4d, as i heard. well, if they are your friends, then yes. but for me they all is just manipulators and shepherds. so be careful, friends.