what license is disroot under?

I only ask because, I want to be sure its using a free software license. Because you cannot trust proprietary software at all.

ps, when I said which license I mean, which copyleft license.

And I was wondering if everything is under a free software license.

Not sure I understand your question.
Disroot does not develop anything inhouse (besides website and howtos for which we should slap some licence but for sure not propertary). Apart form that we use other peoples work and the exact licence differs per project we use (prosody, matrix, nextcloud, discourse, hubzilla, diaspora etherpad etc) it varries from GPL through AGPL to MIT.

We work 100% with FLOSS software if that answers your question.

Yeah, I know your services are under free software license. I meant the website itself.

That’s all.

If that too is under a free software license, shouldn’t it be listed on the website?

I wanted things to be more clear so people I recommend to your website, aka email, or other service, who are aware of free libre software know what I am talking about. I feel like copyleft is too vague. that’s all.

Next to the part of disroot.org where it says license, it says atom, rss copyleft. So yeah, I am essentially asking what license they mean by copyleft for the website