What's going on?

I’m trying to find out what’s going on on Disroot, to get a combined news update and things to come in the future.
To me it seems to be spread around several places which are more or less updated. There is the Blog, Diaspora, Mastodon, this Forum and for the more tech savvy the Board. The State page is also a kind of information about what’s going on.
How about making (only) one central place showing all of it instead?

The reason why we publish in many places is because there is no “the” way everyone would be happy with and also not every medium is suitable for everything. Also not everyone wants to be informed about everything on the platform.

Actually its quite easy to follow:

  1. state.disroot.org is where we post information about scheduled downtimes, upgrades and issues. You can either follow it by checking the site, subscribe to email notifications (on per service basis if you dont need to know about services you dont use) or as a rss feed. All the things posted there are relayed (manually but soon automatically) to mastodon, diaspora and hubzilla.

  2. Mastodon/hubzilla/diaspora are social networks where apart from stuff form state we also keep in touch with community, post about things around disroot, relay blogposts, engage with community.

  3. Website blog is mainly used to post announcements about new things and important changes to the platform. Those you can also subscribe as rss feed and most of them we also mail to all users in the form of regular announcements. We keep the blog rather clear of posts on one hand due to lack of resources to keep posting things there but also to make it easy for users to find the needed information about the platform itself. Social networks are where we post more things around the platform.

  4. Forum is where discussion happens. Its not being currently very much used for disroot per se as people rather hang out on social networks or chats like xmpp or matrix. Forum is mainly used by groups for their private forums. But as you see now, its a good medium to ask questions or post about issues as others will easier find answers and so we wont need to repeat ourselfs. Infact we advise everyone who sends email to support to actually first check the forum and submit their issue/question to the forum. First of all more people from the community could have a look and help out (specially when it doesnt involve looking into the server logs etc) and it helps others with similar issues to find their answers.

  5. taiga (board) is used mainly by us to organize our work, and also to make the planning, and progress visible to anyone.

Basically I would say the place where you can get all the information in one place is through social media mastodon, diaspora or hubzilla, because all the information and more gets published there.

Well I had hoped for a solution where I didn’t had to sign up for yet another new service/social network (Diaspora, Mastodon, Hubzilla), and instead just follow an old school blog or forum where I don’t need that.
Is there any way I can follow Disroot on Diaspora, Mastodon, Hubzilla without having to make an account at these services?

You dont need to signup to see any of the streams:

https://hub.disroot.org/channel/disroot (you can also access it with your disroot credentials username@disroot.org if you want to login)

But generally to get most important information such as downtimes, issues, scheduled maintenance, info about new features, changes and plans for future its enough to follow blog and state.disroot.org

If you want to get more involved in the community, there is IRC, xmpp, matrix, hubzilla etc where the daily disroot life happens.

OK, I’ll check those out, THX