Where can I login with my disroot account?

It might get confusing it the beginning. We are still planning on integrating more services provided by our platform into disroot account.

Currently with your disroot account you can reach:

For those services you need to create separate accounts:

Diaspora will remain having it’s own user authentication / creation. The reason is quite simple. Diaspora at the moment does not support LDAP. The moment it does (unlikely) it will be probably impossible to migrate existing users to new authentication setup. Giving additionally the fact Diaspora is under heavy development and things are changing very rapidly, developing ldap or SSO implementation into Diaspora will mean that it needs to be maintained which is beyond our man power here at disroot. However we will keep our eyes and ears open for a way to incorporate this service into disroot and as soon we come up with something we will let you guys know.

As of 31st October 2015 you can login to forum with your disroot account.
If you don’t have one, don’t waste your time and get it at https://user.disroot.org

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i found it a bit confusing that when i logged in on the website i can’t start using the services from there. it would be nice if one could access the services from the disroot login too (if you get what i mean?!).
otherwise i’m starting to feel kinda home here and i’m very thankful :blush:

Not quite sure I do.
https://user.disroot.org is used only to create account and change / reset passowrd. You dont need to login there to be able to use services. However I understand it can be confusing at first especially that not all the services use disroot account (diaspora,discourse). We’ve made buttons on each service page eg. https://disroot.org/page/forum to make login in / registering easier and more clear.
I will add those buttons on the main page aswell https://disroot.org under each service.

Hey, Thanks a lot for feedback and good word. Really appreciating you find our project useful.

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Even if login for diaspora is separate, cant we have diaspora id as name@disroot.org instead of name@pod.disroot.org?

I’m affraid not. Diaspora is tight to the domainname which in this case is pod.disroot.org and all the user IDs are tight to it. Also if we would use @disroot.org it would collide with current usernames and passwords.
Also changing any of above would mean all the users on diaspora would loose their data and connections with others.
So no. Can’t touch it anymore.

@muppeth, I think the best we can do is to add a virtual host in prosody for pod.disroot.org and use diaspora database to authenticate. That way we can support people who want diaspora+xmpp as well.

Yes definately. I will put it on the backlog. Is xmpp support for diaspora released to the stable branch already?

Webchat integration is not stable yet, but xmpp clients work pretty stable as xmpp server uses diaspora for authentication only. Roster is managed by diaspora through aspects, so any change done through clients are lost at next login. We have it running on poddery.com, diasp.in and idoru.pl already.

Yes, its in stable, disabled by default.

good to hear.
ehhhh… if only we would have LDAP auth on diaspora…

It would be a good idea to set a bounty for this at bountysource.com/teams/diaspora If the disroot community put its weight behind a bounty, we can find some one to work on it and implement it.

I just added this to bounty source. It would be good if we can highlight this from disroot.org homepage and ask disrooters to support it.

the problem I see with this is if, ldap support would be implemented on our pod, all current accounts wouldn’t be accessible, which means we would have to start from scratch (we are still tiny comparing to big pods) and some people for sure wouldn’t be happy about it. Unless diasporaID would stay the same (pod.diaspora) when using ldap. I wonder how it would play out. Other thing is if the implementation would be supported in the future (so we won’t be forced to not update).

However it is interesting to see how could we implement it. Had a discussion about it with @Antilopa the other day. For sure it’s worth looking around. Thought to check some existing (broken) dispora forks to see how they did it.

for now (this sprint) we wnat to try out developing and implementing ldap auth for discourse.

We can migrate existing accounts to ldap. We have to find someone to maintain it. We have to change our attitude. I think we should change our attitude from “integrating what is available”, (that is good, but we need to look beyond that,) to “build what we need”. That is the real power of Free Software and using crowd sourcing platforms like bounty source, it is achievable if we really make an effort. These are also opportunities to bring more people to the collective as contributors.

i really like your attitude and I’m 100% behind it. from what i’ve seen it does not look to complicated (most of the stuff needed is already shipped with diaspora). I will do small investihation in coming days to jave better overview to either implement or find someone that would want to do it (and maintain it ).

thanks for being positive \o/

Great news guys.
As of today (31st October 2015) you can use disroot account to login to forum. :ghost:

Can I merge my two accounts?
Prefer disroot login :smiley:

On meta.discourse.com they say it is possible.
But oh well… what you call; super minor little importance.

That shouldn’t be a problem. But that would mean your account would be tied to disroot email. Discourse maps users with their emails as email is essential part of the software (using as mailing list, sending notifications, replying etc).

If you want to switch to disroot, what I could do is change the ownership of all the posts form old user to the new one and then delete the old user.

I am chilled with the current state.