Which data do you know from your customers? Which data would you give out in case there is a judical order?

Hi, i want to which data you would give out in case there would be a judical order? Especially when I use your service to synchronize my android contacts, calendar etc. Is those data E-to-E-Encrypted or can you access it? What about the mails? I ask because there are services like ete-sync who claim they have zero knowledge about the data due e-to-e-Encryption. And there are email-provider like runbox who have the reputation, that they are bulletproof.

All this information should be known to you since you accepted it when creating account. However, our privacy policy (atm re-written and new version about to be published this month) can be found here: https://disroot.org/en/privacy_policy

If something isn’t clear please ask.