Why Canvas Fingerprint disroot users

Why does disroot.org happens to generate unique Canvas Fingerprint of its users?

Generated fingerprint is itself a unique identifier of each users which can / is used to track us on Internet / Web.

Mission statement of disroot.org is vocal about privacy then what pressing need does an open platform has to generate unique fingerprint of its users?

I use Tor browser / Firefox with Canvas Blocker addon which prompted me to allow / disallow Canvas API readout on disroot.org. As expected i blocked fingerprint readout.

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In short. Canvas fingerprint on disroot.org is generated by stupid wordpress plugin. We do not store/use it in anyway. It was basically a choice to make the website look appealing and slick.

Though today / tomorrow latest, we are migrating website to non-js non-canvas simple site we’ve been working on for some time.

Why do you use a plugin for that? Firefox has an integrated feature in about:flags that alllows you to block canvas tracking.

Since few months we moved to pretty much non-js website.