Why my account was denied?

Hello dear Disroot Team,

on Friday (22.05) I wanted to create a disroot account. Username: *******.
On Saturday I got a refusal. Reason: the username is not allowed.

But when I registered I was not informed about it. But the username will be my @disroot.org name in the future, right?
Is “*******” not allowed, because it is already used? I can’t figure out the mail from you.

I would really like to use your service, because I am really convinced. I have read everything and I am convinced of your concept. That’s why I’m a bit annoyed why the registration doesn’t work or it gets unnecessarily complicated. I would like to finally get away from a controlled, monitored and centralized email service.

Thank you very much and I hope for an answer.

Many greetings

Hi, Since you did not provide the username in question I cant really tell you much. As you might read, the accounts are reviewed by us before they are approved. Perhaps your username was raising suspicions of fraud, abuse, or seemed too generic which could be missleading people (eg. officalemail@disroot.org bank@disroot.org etc). Since we cant come up with all possible combinations of not allowed names, we do sometimes deny ones that seem fishy just to prevent situations (happend a lot in the pas) where people used it to abuse the service for their gain (phoshing attempts, impersonation, or simply spamming).