Willng to help with bug testing UI.

I wasn’t exactly sure where to put this. I may well even be a better fit for email. But a friend of mine brought up that the UI/UX on Disroots Hubzilla instance needs bug testing.

For details of the langauges I do have experience with: Ruby, HTML, Markdown, and CSS. This is very rudimentary knowledge however.

But I can still give comments on what works and what doesn’t?

Well you could put it anywhere, (here for example) or hubzilla itself, we have disroot community there. Also we have an jabber/xmpp room for hubzilla at dishub@chat.disroot.org which you can access form any xmpp/jabber client or via wip webchat where we discuss hubzilla related things and of course any feedback is welcome. Atm we are preparing for hubzilla upgrade which will bring few changes such as the way settings are handled etc. also few of the bugs on the backend side we hope to resolve in comming days.

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I hope it runs as smoothly as Diaspora and the mail, both of which have run excellently.

Happy to hear. Imo hubzilla (except for the bug we hope to squash this weekend) is running faster then diaspora and that is pulling stuff from the entire fediverse (diaspora, friendica, mastodon, peertube etc). Also the chat mentioned above is pretty cool and you get to talk to other disrooters in real time :slight_smile: