Would it be possible add PhoneTrack addon to Nextcloud instance?

Time ago I found this addon https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/phonetrack which has a mobile app to complement it. I thought it would be just abandoned time later. I used to maintain my own Seguime (https://seguime.000webhostapp.com/) instance but this addon to Nextcloud seems to be more mature.

What do you think?

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Few people have asked, but personally I dont see much use case for this.

What would one want to use it for?

Track my phone in case I forget it or is stolen. The same utility other people use the Google and Apple phone track tools. Nearly-nothing as replacement exists in Free Software.

That would mean we would essentially track people. Of course on volounteer basis but still, I personally find it too little of an argument. I mean why would you want to be tracked in the first place. If in case phone is stolen or missing it means you need to have it on at all times, which means that data is stored on our servers.

I have not checked what are the data retention options, but from perspective of a user I find it a bit too much of data to give to others hands (no matter if I trust them or not).

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For me and other people is even something essential. I am not an expert in law and didn’t check the code just enough to know how much data is sent to your servers. To use the plugin in first place you must also install an app in the mobile phone available in F-Droid main repo (for example).

Well you can imagine that if you can find/see position of your phone at any time on your browser, that data needs to be sent and saved on the server. Yes it does require you to install the app, so only people who want it will use but I do wonder about the security and privacy implication.

I will bring it up with other core team members on one of the upcomming meetings to give our position on the request.

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I understand that part, saved data on the server is part of the idea.

Thank you for the proposal to the team at the next meetings.

@muppeth any update?

Tomorrow we have a meeting so I will put that on the agenda.


What happened in the end?

Hello, I’m interested too.

If it is installed I’m going to use PhoneTrack from F-Droid: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/net.eneiluj.nextcloud.phonetrack/.