X509 certificate expired - DAVx5 on Android

It looks like the Let’s Encrypt X509 certificate has expired for cloud.disroot.org. Validity period ended on 10 February 2019. The DAV client on my Android flashed up a warning this morning.

Can I safely ignore/accept this by selecting “I have manually verified the whole fingerprint” or should I Reject and wait it out?


Just seen the previous posting (Doh!) so this might already be fixed. All the same, how should I respond to my Android warning?

Your client should recheck the certificate. Find that it is acceptable by beeing trusted and not expired now.

The certificate did expire and was renewed by muppeth.

Is your client still bothering you?
Looks like you are stuck with a cached message. Try restart. You should not need to accept a good certificate.

The client seems happy today. No errors and is working fine.

Thanks for your reply, and to Muppeth for updating the certificate.

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