XMPP - messages not going through in group chats?

We have a chat on the disroot server (digdeeper@chat.disroot.org) and some of the members have reported their messages not being sent. I have not had that personally happen but at least two people in our chat have. One of them said to me:

“I find it strange an XMPP server would stop accepting messages ounce it gets overloaded. I’d expect the messages per second to start slowing down, and sending a reply that the ‘chat is too busy’ to end up taking a similar amount of resources as just delivering the message normally”

Might be something to look into. Thanks in advance!

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Thanks. I will eas up on the rate limiting. We had some nasty trolls some months ago totally flodding some chats and to make them stop we had to put quite drastic measures. I will change the settings tonight.

Thanks for reporting, and sorry for toruble.

My account was just created today and I poped into the disroot group chat to thank them for the account and it appeared as if my messages were not going through. Glad to hear its not something on my side. If any admin reads this, thank you for letting me have an account.