XMPP Transport for WhatsApp

We all know how bad the WhatsApp is for user freedom. Yet, majority of people use it.

I think, a XMPP-WhatsApp transport, would enable users to migrate from such a tyrant entity to XMPP, without losing their important contacts.

I came across such a transport called WhatsXMPP.

I request Disroot to deploy this transport at whatsapp.disroot.org

I am assuming that the idea is to leverage the recently released web interface by whatA$$isUp to be able to interact with an xmpp client.

I see some issues:
Since it appears that to gain registration of the web interface one needs to have whatA$$isUp installed on the device it would not save users the pain to have the apk installated at least for initial registration on the web interface or account setup.
After the web interface has been authorized , running the server running the bridge, Disroot would be responsive for the security of the users making itself a target for security breaches.
… and for some service that wants to create a space away from the big tech radar as much as possible, and betting that the terms and conditions of whatA$$isUp service would prohibit any hacking, the admin of the server would be exposing to cease and desist letters.

That is correct.

Yep! That is a bummer.

This is not something specific to this situation. Data breach can happen to any online services.

I am not aware of such a ToS.

I just wanted to point out that, using WhatsApp in any way is dangerous for user freedom and should be avoided. This transport will try keep the impact on users to the minimum.

Users should only use this transport for unavoidable WhatsApp contacts and only for non-confidential messages.