You could set up the landing page of your Discourse forum to be more engaging

If you look at the landing pages of the Discourse forums of any other popular online project they are usually much more engaging. You can find all the latest posts right on the main page while here you have to go into each subforum to find out what’s new.

Sorry for the late reply.
Is it a complain or some sort of suggestion?

It’s interesting that you ask about it. What can I say: depending on your mood, you can interpret it this way or that way, too. But from a purely practical standpoint, is there any difference? Hell, no. :wink:

Well… If I asked was because I didn’t fully understood the point of your comment.

And of course, a complain is not the same as a suggestion.

I personally didn’t find much difference with other Discourse forums. And, since “engaging” is pretty subjective, maybe you can share some examples so we can get a better idea.