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Do you know alternative communities to share photos to avoid these limitations? (the submitted image uses some glitch-art effect)

Hey Davide,

Thanks for submitting to Unsplash!

We wanted to let you know that unfortunately our system flagged your recent submission since it didn’t meet the guidelines - specifically the image quality and/or editing.

This might include:

Unclear photos
Photos containing excess pixelation or spotting
Extreme angles
Excessive sun glare, ‘Blown out’ sky
Under or overexposed images
Heavy vignetting
Excessive grain
Excessive use of filters
Picking single colors out on black and white photos
Noise from over-editing

You can read all submission guidelines here.

Due to the high volume of submissions, we are unable to give specific critique or feedback on individual photos. However, we have an active Slack community where you can ask for feedback from the wider Unsplash community if you wish. You can join this community at

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